Hugh Coffin Memorial Library ➔ Colorado Rail Annual No. 19 - Coal Cinders and Parlor Cars: A Century of Colorado Passenger Trains

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This detailed study provides new insights into the Midland’s operations and is lavishly illustrated. Streetcars and Suburbs by Thomas J. Noel traces the early history of Denver’s urban rail system - horse, cable, steam and electric. A Silverton Trilogy: Fifty Years of Passenger Service by R. W. Richardson, John S. Walker Jr. and R. C. Farewell covers the famed Silverton Train’s emergence since 1941 in three chapters - the transition from mixed train to tourist trains, the Rio Grande’s development programs of the mid-1960s and coverage of the independent Durango and Silverton. Zimbabwe Steam Safari by Ronald C. Hill offers a contrasting view of narrow gauge steam railroading in southern Africa. Over 220 illustrations.
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Hard Cover: 22cm by 28cm
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