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This book is a reproduction of the black and white photographs of the Rio Grande-s narrow gauge lines in Colorado originally published in Richard Lind-s Narrow Gauge Country in 1963. Although the original photos, negatives and plates were not available, the photographers gave their permission for the photos to be reproduced from an original printed edition so that a new generation could appreciate their beauty, although there is obviously some loss in quality. The photos are grouped geographically: Ouray Branch, Montrose-Salida, Poncha Pass-Alamosa, Cumbres Pass, Cumbres Turn, Chama-Durango, and branches from Durango. With map.
ISBN 0938936093
book-railway interest: 136 pages
Hard Cover: 22 cm by 28 cm
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Coffin, Hugh (had as source)
Railhead Publications (had as publisher)
Coffin, Hugh (was donated by)
Coffin, John (was donated by)
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