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Fascinating and well-written history of Denver-s Union Station, illustrated throughout with over 300 black and white photos. With 20 detailed maps. For over a century Union Station has been the gateway to the Mile High City and the Rocky Mountain West. Built in 1881 to replace several smaller depots, it quickly became the region-s hub for passenger travel. Here is the full story of the historic station from construction through 1981, from station masters and redcaps to famous visitors. The book also covers all the Denver area railroad facilities: passenger and freight yards, locomotive shops and roundhouses, junctions and even the electric trolley and interurban railways that once served Denver. From the arrival of the first train to the glory days of the steam era, from the days of the diesel to the arrival of Amtrak Superliners -- here is the history of the historic Union Station. With timetables for passenger trains, index and bibliography
ISBN 0918654319
book-railway interest: 244 pages
Hard Cover: 22 cm by 28 cm
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