Hugh Coffin Memorial Library ➔ Trails among the Columbine: A Colorado High Country Chronicle (The D and RG-s Calumet Branch and the Turret Mining Area)

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This is one of the finest examples of historical research and writing I have come across. While the title suggests this is a railroad history it is misleading. Early chapters do present the story of the D. and R.G-s branch to the little mining area of turret and the Calumet mine in the late 1890-s, it is much more than that. Here is a very detailed look at a little known mining district of Colorado, including just about all the people that lived there. It is well researched and written and if you are interested in Colorado history this may be a location you have not yet discovered. Unfortunately this series of books, there are several, are no longer being reproduced so copies that available may be expensive but well worth the money.
ISBN 091358262X
book-railway interest: 320 pages
Hard Cover 22cm by 28cm
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