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FEATURES and STORIES; Former Nun in Training as Engineer Pages: 8; The Ticket Collector Is a Girl Pages: 9; Photographs of the Month Pages: 10; Commuters' Narrow-Gage (Harold Cook) Pages: 14; Human Interest Photographer: John Uckley (Freeman Hubbard) Pages: 20; The Long Road (Fiction) (Jack Deragon) Pages: 28; Maine Central Railroad Roster (Sy Reich) Pages: 53; Camera Studies of Canadian Girls Pages: 60;

The Mail Car Pages: 2; In Search of Steam (Mike Eagleson) Pages: 34; Trackside in the Diesel Age (Jim Edmonston) Pages: 36; Transit Topics (Steve Maguire) Pages: 44; Passenger Train Survey Pages: 50; Information Booth (Barbara Kreimer) Pages: 54; Books of the Rails (Gorton T. H. Wilbur) Pages: 56; The Hobby Club (Sy Reich) Pages: 62; Coming Events Pages: 64; Pen Pals Wanted Pages: 64;

v97 #3, January 1975, Inc., 95¢, 64pp+, 8¼ x 11 slick
January, 1975
magazine 20cm by 28cm
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